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Statement of Faith

We believe our creed, discipline, rules of order and doctrine is the Word of God as taught and revealed by the Holy Ghost. 

We believe the Word of God declares but one way of entrance therein and that is “by one Spirit are we all baptized into one Body” and that is a baptism of “Water and Spirit  (Acts 2:38; Acts 2:8; I Cor. 12:12-27; Gal. 3:26-28; Romans 6:3,4:John 3:5.)."

We believe that Jesus is coming to earth again in person is a doctrine clearly sat forth in Apostolic times. Jesus taught it. The Apostles preached it, and the saints accepted. (Matthew 24:1, Acts 1:11; 3:19; 21.)

We believe the only grounds upon which God will accept a sinner is repentance from the heart for the sins that he/her has committed. “A broken and a contrite heart,…thou will not despise.” (Psalms 51:17). 

We believe in order to escape the judgment of God and to have the hope of enjoying the glory of life eternal, one must be thoroughly save from his sins, wholly sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost. And that a wholly sanctified life is the only true standard of Christian life. (Hebrews 12:12, I Peter 1:15-17.)

We believe that the time draweth near for the coming of the Lord to make a changed in the present order of things, and at that time all the righteous dead shall rise from their graves, and “we that are alive” and living righteous before God shall be translated or “caught up to meet the Lord in the air.”

We believe our garments and adornment today should always reflect Christ and magnify us as His peculiar people (I Peter 3:3,4; I Peter 2:9.)

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Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc.
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